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Town and Country’s selection of Local and Craft Beers is hard to beat. Our Beer options include more than 250 products from a wide range of breweries that include the well-known brands and many that are just emerging. We enjoy working with Beer lovers of all kinds and we really like introducing beer to customers as an alternative to wine for sipping and with meals. There are enough styles of Craft Beer to appeal to just about all taste preferences.

Local Brews

Evolution Craft Brewing | Easton, MarylandDogfish Head Brewing | Easton, Maryland Fordham and Old Dominion Brewing | Easton, MarlynadTown and Country is pleased to offer local craft beers from right here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We know these guys and how much time they spend make the beer just right for us and you! Our local craft beer selection includes Evolutions Craft Brewing (Delmar, Maryland), Dogfish Head (Delaware) and Fordham (Delaware). We also carry a larger selection of craft brews from the region and across the country. Be sure to ask our awesome staff about their favorites and what pairs best with your meals or snacks.